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  2. 68" fusion build questions

    i think thing out the fuselage and streamlining the tail could help a little with speed/drag. Recovering to get the wing nice n smooth should help some more. But its likely the wing section itself is a bit thick and draggy?
  3. fusion v2 tip stall fixed

  4. 68" fusion build questions

    Perhaps we could try a different fuse on the wing or a different tail??
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  6. Plasti Dip

    Me too
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  8. Plasti Dip

    Jez, that came out looking good. Must try some...
  9. Plasti Dip

    This was my first attempt. Its not too bad but my moth fuse was better, but its now in pieces. Just warm up the can and don't use f2 spray underneath.
  10. Plasti Dip

    Got any examples of a finished fuse for us?
  11. Plasti Dip

    In case anyone is interested supercheap have a sale on Plastidip Aerosols. 2 cans for $40 (usually $25 - $30 each). Sale ends Sunday August 20th. I love this stuff and it is all I would use on a foamy fuselage now.
  12. 68" fusion build questions

    Unfortunately I would also have to agree after flying two different ones. Definitely the two worst EPP slopers I have flown (Apart from a couple of funky PSS models)
  13. Dream flight Ahi

    Wish we had an NZ distributor. THey look really fun
  14. fusion v2 tip stall fixed

    I didn't measure, I just gave the end of the wing a bit of a twist up at the trailing edge before putting on some strips of tape at tension. I was considering binning it so i'm really happy with this.
  15. fusion v2 tip stall fixed

    Mint! How much at the trailing edge corner do you think twisted it? Sounds like you nailed it just the right amount first time. Cant argue with that. Must put a bit of wash-out in my left wing tip too to solve my tip-stally Fusion..
  16. 68" fusion build questions

    Thats a shame, i thought it had much promise. But of those that flew them, no one has spoken highly of them. The 48" fusion is the go-to sloper...
  17. fusion v2 tip stall fixed

    Pete, i have to tip my hat to you. After our chat on Saturday about our poorly performing fusions (v2 48") and their tip stalling tendencies, I did as you suggested and applied 6 strips of tape to my left wing tip to pull it back into alignment with the profile of the other wing. I test flew it today and could not get it to tip stall. Looking forward to rejoining the fusion combat mix next time out.
  18. 68" fusion build questions

    Its time to close out this thread, and now that foamworks are long gone I hope I can safely say, without offending anyone, that the 68" version of the fusion was an absolute piece of shit to fly. I have not enjoyed another plane less than this one, and it is now functioning better as a shelf mounted in my garage, with fuselage cut off, than it ever did as a flying piece of foam. RIP fusion 68.
  19. Titahi Bay 12th Aug 17

    thanks Pete
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  21. Titahi Bay 12th Aug 17

    Try this link Jono: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtXKxfmHT9C2n4FDRw_LJVaf6VJVCQ Its my whole Taranis file - so it has all my TD/F3B/DLG programs in it.
  22. Titahi Bay 12th Aug 17

    Cool - ill try get that to you tonight
  23. Titahi Bay 12th Aug 17

    It was awesome to have 5 combat gliders in the air at Titahi Bay. I was a little worried as mine and Dave's are for Manilla and we didn't want to wreck them !! There were plenty of maidens including Nicks Carbon MiniBlade and Dave's 3 piece wing 2m PMS. Awesome!! Pete - Just a wee reminder that I could do with your DLG Taranis programme Jono
  24. Titahi Bay 12th Aug 17

    Jono, Dave, and Simon, Nick and myself all managed a spot of slope-soaring this afternoon. Many maidens all in preparation for Manilla in a few weeks. Jono and Dave have been hard at work building up their quivers to take over. Some 22 planes spread out on the grass. Great flying conditions, loads of lift and moderate wind, sun and no clouds made for a pleasant day. Got good amount 5 up combat and a Wee bee session - but i forgot to bring mine, but we had three Wee Bees buzing around. The sun got a bit too low making for temporary blindness leading to some hairy moments. We even had two Mini-blades ripping it up for a while too, with Nick maidening his new/repaired one. They are just brilliant to fly. Good to see a PMS 2 flying again - nice work Dave. Good to see good numbers out at the slope too. Oh, and happy birthday Dave for tomorrow.
  25. Dream flight Ahi

    there has been some talk on the Manilla thread. I will let you know how they go when I get back
  26. Dream flight Ahi

    https://www.hyperflight.co.uk/products.asp?code=DF-AHI&name=dream-flight-ahi These look like cool little slopers. Any know much about them?
  27. Wellington (part deux)

    It started off ok going clockwise - the main reason to do it was the late afternoon sun that was in the way from the other side. It was not as smooth going in that way though, so although it was probably safer I didn't try it for very long. I'd give it a try again another day though.
  28. Wellington (part deux)

    I just ordered a fuse and a backup Moth from Matin.
  29. Wellington (part deux)

    good idea
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