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  2. Wellington (part deux)

    It started off ok going clockwise - the main reason to do it was the late afternoon sun that was in the way from the other side. It was not as smooth going in that way though, so although it was probably safer I didn't try it for very long. I'd give it a try again another day though.
  3. Wellington (part deux)

    I just ordered a fuse and a backup Moth from Matin.
  4. Wellington (part deux)

    good idea
  5. Wellington (part deux)

    Argh! Dont worry Nick, i've hit that damned hill a few times. Its much closer than you realise when your busy concentrating on flying. Thats why we seldomly DS there - its just too tight flying that side. When i saw you fly the other side it did make me wonder that that may be the better way to do it. How was it flying on that side? It would be backwards for me and Jono tho (we always fly the other way round). So you could mate a AFP fuse to the wing and have an AFP/Moth like mine
  6. Wellington (part deux)

    that was my first successful (yet terminal) attempt at DS and jesus god now I can see why you guys like it. Once you get up to speed its like flying a different plane. My next stop is NCFM to order another moth! BTW the the wing came out of it intact, I only need to put a new fuse on it.
  7. Wellington (part deux)

    thats not quite the full story... thankfully the circuits tightened up and it was going great.. and the commentary at the start of the next clip forewarns the inevitable..
  8. Wellington (part deux)

    Nice one Nick! Looks like it was working and was pretty clean too. Did Simon get on the backside?
  9. Wellington (part deux)

    Had a great session out at Pukerua Bay this arvo. Nick Simon and I did plenty of combat and a wee bit of DS. Nick was going super well with his moth so I did some video
  10. Taranis for sailplane use

    Attached is a EEPE file with both my Gyro'd Destiny program and my Scratcho program. I choose the Destiny cause it closely matches the S6R channels - eg 2 wing, single elev. The S6R will only work with a two-servo wing im afraid. The S8R will do the 4 servo wing. The Destiny program is my existing Destiny program with functionality to activate/control the gyro: SD Up is no gyro SD Mid is Stabilise Mode (eg rates mode) SD Down is Auto-level mode (eg heading-hold) RS adjusts the gyro gain from 0-100% Ive not flown it with these settings to verify everything but it seems to be correct on the bench - use with a degree of caution. GyroDestinyAndScratcho.eepe
  11. Taranis for sailplane use

    Hi Jono. Just got back from Fiji. Will post the scratcho program when I get home. It's my generic 6 servo f3x program. I got an sr6 and have been playing with it. Think I've figured it all out now. Can post my trial program for it as well.
  12. Taranis for sailplane use

    Hey Pete Have you got the program for your scratcho?? Has anyone used a S6R receiver ????
  13. SLope DS Sale

    Were you after the Ocelot?
  14. What has happened to Foamworks

    Yes, RocketLab is the brain-child of one determined rocket geek here in NZ - Peter Beck. He has been funded both privately and publicly (US government contract, maybe some NZ government money, but nothing big i dont think). So it probably cost your government much more than ours But yes, amazing achievement for such a small country (actually small company). Yip getting cold(er) down here as we head into winter. Our winters wont be as brutally cold as yours, i would doubt.
  15. What has happened to Foamworks

    Hi taurineman Thanks for the welcome and quick response. I just posted to JohnFlys directly, so thanks for that lead as well. I'll wait to see if I get a reply before making you take up your time. Congrats on the space launch...just saw some news on New Zealand getting into the rocket making/launching business. Hope it makes money and doesn't cost the tax payers - got the impression it might be a government sponsored thing, maybe it's not. Hope the weather (I assume it is starting to get cold down there and short days - maybe the ocean moderates things...huh, 6am on Friday right now and it's Thursday noon for me, cool) and flying is good - talk more later. Darren
  16. What has happened to Foamworks

    Hi Darren - welcome to the site. Im sure you could make something fairly close pretty easily. I could get some basic measurements if you like from mine. It may be best to contact JohnFlys as he has got the design, the tooling and foam-cutter etc from the original manufacturer.
  17. What has happened to Foamworks

    Hi from South Dakota USA. New Zealand sounds like the place to be for slope soaring and good company to do it. I just got started in RC last year - have a Radian and a nitro trainer that a club member is teaching me on. Soloed late last Fall and weather on weekends haven't been cooperating much this spring...unless one had a glider that didn't mind wind. We have lots of hills and wind on a lot of days so was going to try slope soaring and was told to get a foamy - came across the FoamWorks Fusion V2 and can't stop looking at all the great posts/pic/vids. If someone isn't going to make this plane again, how hard would it be to scratch build? I'd buy one if I could, but it almost looks like it wouldn't be a terrible to make - you guys have already given out most of the great tips on the build. I think I just need dimensions on the tail feathers, the height of the fuselage ( 32.5" long by about 2.5" wide I believe), but how "tall/deep" is the body at its "deepest" point. And about what is the included angle of the V-tail. Is this a ridiculous thing to think about trying? I think I'd just have the wings made by a company here in the US - they are E374 airfoils with a cord of about 7.5" and some taper to the tips if I'm not mistaken. I'd love to try it - the worst I can do is have some interesting looking garbage. Does anyone know if the plans/drawings are published anywhere? Thanks all. Hope you don't mind me using inches instead of mm/cm.
  18. SLope DS Sale

    I'm up and Auckland, but can easily organize picking it up from Hamilton, so yeah keen!
  19. SLope DS Sale

    Where are you based? Am flying to Palmerston North next month and have a mate that can take it to Hamilton
  20. SLope DS Sale

    Hey Alex, if you change your mind about shipping let me know, looking to get my first crunchy
  21. SLope DS Sale

    Has a socked Fuse, but my guess would be not more than 150. Is built like a RCRCM Model and has Hitec 125 servos in wing and 85s on vtail
  22. SLope DS Sale

    how fast do you think that Ocelot 2x would go - i see on RcSpeeds, not that fast => 136?
  23. SLope DS Sale

    Pics are hard to do while at work, but here are the models:
  24. SLope DS Sale

    nice got any pictures? Im not all that cashed up at the moment either im afraid.
  25. SLope DS Sale

    Hi guys, Selling my Stratos DS 3.3m SOLD My scorcher 2m SOLD And that 60" v-tail ocelot for $200 Happy to negotiate the sale of other stuff... Am in need of cash...
  26. Taranis for sailplane use

    I did but the slider solution won't remember where you find tuned it to. Next time you fly the slider will likely be in a diff position and your rates god knows where. This one uses the digital trims, so positions are remembered and will be set to exactly the same position next time no matter what.
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