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  1. Wellington (part deux)

    good idea
  2. Wellington (part deux)

    Had a great session out at Pukerua Bay this arvo. Nick Simon and I did plenty of combat and a wee bit of DS. Nick was going super well with his moth so I did some video
  3. Taranis for sailplane use

    Hey Pete Have you got the program for your scratcho?? Has anyone used a S6R receiver ????
  4. Taranis for sailplane use

    it looks to be a good idea. Didnt you try something with a slider once before??
  5. Taranis for sailplane use

    This is a big learning curve. I am at the very bottom of the curve
  6. F3K/DLG in Levin

    Was tied up all weekend. How was it??
  7. What has happened to Foamworks

    how is the foam cutter coming along ???? I am heading to Aussie for a slope fest in september and I would love to build a new one for the event thanks Jono
  8. Planes for Sale

    when are you shifting??
  9. Wellington (part deux)

    yep. Was not too much interest tonight but I popped out for a quick fly to remaiden some repairs. I successfully re maidened the Zipper and the RT42. The JW still has some problems so its back on the bench next to the MiniVec for more attention. I also had a hoon about with the fusion just wishing that there was another glider for combat. The seagulls were not so keen for combat
  10. Wellington (part deux)

    anyone want to fly this afternoon / evening??
  11. Build supplies

    Me too. It's good stuff. Perhaps we should have done a group order
  12. ball links

    I can have a look at what I have. I have needed to replace ball links in the past and have never found the same size so have replaced both halves. Jono
  13. What has happened to Foamworks

    Cool. Nice to hear. I will take a short kit when you are up and running
  14. Wellington (part deux)

    Sunday morning is the plan. If we get a bit more west than the current forecast then Ngaio could be the go. Otherwise Titahi Bay
  15. Slope sites and wind near Christchurch

    I am going to be down there for some DS from the 13th until 22nd Jan. Christchurch can have good wind and Schwing and Minivec should be fine. Some places are a challenge to land though. These are the slopes that we normally fly for DS there are some good slopes for frontside flying that I have not been to. Hopefully Alex may let you know about the front side slopes. John Britten is suppose to be an awesome front side slope