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  1. Plasti Dip

    This was my first attempt. Its not too bad but my moth fuse was better, but its now in pieces. Just warm up the can and don't use f2 spray underneath.
  2. Plasti Dip

    In case anyone is interested supercheap have a sale on Plastidip Aerosols. 2 cans for $40 (usually $25 - $30 each). Sale ends Sunday August 20th. I love this stuff and it is all I would use on a foamy fuselage now.
  3. fusion v2 tip stall fixed

    I didn't measure, I just gave the end of the wing a bit of a twist up at the trailing edge before putting on some strips of tape at tension. I was considering binning it so i'm really happy with this.
  4. fusion v2 tip stall fixed

    Pete, i have to tip my hat to you. After our chat on Saturday about our poorly performing fusions (v2 48") and their tip stalling tendencies, I did as you suggested and applied 6 strips of tape to my left wing tip to pull it back into alignment with the profile of the other wing. I test flew it today and could not get it to tip stall. Looking forward to rejoining the fusion combat mix next time out.
  5. 68" fusion build questions

    Its time to close out this thread, and now that foamworks are long gone I hope I can safely say, without offending anyone, that the 68" version of the fusion was an absolute piece of shit to fly. I have not enjoyed another plane less than this one, and it is now functioning better as a shelf mounted in my garage, with fuselage cut off, than it ever did as a flying piece of foam. RIP fusion 68.
  6. Wellington (part deux)

    It started off ok going clockwise - the main reason to do it was the late afternoon sun that was in the way from the other side. It was not as smooth going in that way though, so although it was probably safer I didn't try it for very long. I'd give it a try again another day though.
  7. Wellington (part deux)

    I just ordered a fuse and a backup Moth from Matin.
  8. Wellington (part deux)

    that was my first successful (yet terminal) attempt at DS and jesus god now I can see why you guys like it. Once you get up to speed its like flying a different plane. My next stop is NCFM to order another moth! BTW the the wing came out of it intact, I only need to put a new fuse on it.
  9. Wellington (part deux)

    thats not quite the full story... thankfully the circuits tightened up and it was going great.. and the commentary at the start of the next clip forewarns the inevitable..
  10. ball links

    what receiver did you use pete. I've had my miniblade in the box the past month and need to get it in the air soon.
  11. What has happened to Foamworks

    likewise, that is great news. I'll also take one when you are ready. Any plans to do any other epp models?
  12. Wellington (part deux)

    Anyone keen for a fly today? Simon & I are going to head out to Whitireia Park around 1pm - I have to be back in at 3.30pm.
  13. Wellington (part deux)

    Im out all afternoon unfortunately.
  14. Wellington (part deux)

    I've got KST's in mine & Simon has Hitec HS-45HB's.
  15. Wellington (part deux)

    Me too, I have a bee to maiden.