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    I was in the process of stripping down the tape on my fusion, when some of the fiIlament tape gave way & tore off a piece of wing. I wonder if I should have used a heat gun. Anyway, great excuse to make a new plane. I bought the fusion 78, and am planning on doing a 5 servo build. I am still planning on building an m60 at some point, but NCFM have not been selling for the 3-4 months (due to a move of production facilities) since I contacted them, and so that one will have to wait. I am fully aware that some members of this forum don't like the way this plane flies, but it is the cheapest option to have a go at a 5 channel, 2 M plane(and I like supporting a kiwi buisiness). If I don't like it, I get to build another! I suspect I will like it, as I don't have nearly the expertise as many pilots on this forum. It should also put me in good stead to move up to a full house glass model in the distant future. I am planning on by and large following the excellent build instructions. However there are a few changes I would appreciate some opinions on: sharpened wingtips (& then epoxy reinforced for strength). I think this look better and with no aerodynamic knowledge, 'feel' that the plane should fly faster.linkage arms to aileron and flaps - under or over the wing? over looks better IMHO, however this might not be sufficient for the 90 degree downward flap travel I was planning on. under on flaps & over on aileron would probably look a bit silly?some small carbon fibre stiffeners in the v-tail. A bad place to add weight (so far back), but when snapping a turn on the fusion it used to annoy me seeing the V tail flexing.The picture in the build guide looks like it has a small bit of flap attached to the fuselage which is unmoving (see below). This looks pretty good to me, but does it add anything aerodynamically other than shortening flaps? I'll post photos as soon as I get going. It will be a slow build log due to minimal spare time, but hopefully a new stage gets posted every week. Cheers