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  1. l have a new bird to hit the slopes . lm heading out to Raglan today to test fly it so i hope all goes well ..

  2. Hi mate put me down for the MOM racing cheers marce
  3. fai2

    Rags spur of the moment

    Loved the vid D nice wing where can i get one ..
  4. How much are you wanting Mate .
  5. fai2

    Mmmmm, Bluto

    http://www.facebook.com/marcel.lagrand check out what i have been up to since our last chat ..
  6. fai2

    Popeye's nemesis...

    Nice work mate ..
  7. fai2

    Z1 Flying wing

    where can i get one
  8. fai2

    Fuse Moulds

    We all good here mate ,he takes up all my time and i have no time to go or do anything. l pulled out some wings the other night so should be flying soon .l have just been flying kites , check out my face book marcel laGrand . Say hi to Tams k , take care mate ..