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  1. Thanks to you and Judith for opening you home to us last night, and for those ammmmazing wood fired pizza.
  2. FlyBoy

    Man on Man Competition - Raglan?

    Sorry gents, Im Chipping in late. What about a Fluteboy wing. Or http://shop.flitetest.com/aircraft/ft-v ... build-kit/
  3. FlyBoy

    DLG "Bug"

    Good day all, happy new year. Over the Christmas break I got an itch and found a site on RC Groups for The Bug, a mosquito DLG. One thing leads to another and I have bought 5 kits , not all the same but…… apparently the kits are all laser cut kits and are first rate. I was sent a list of the kits he does, here they are :- DLG Termite 36" $20.00 MIMI 1000mm $15.00 Bug X-Tail 30" $21.25 Bug V-Tail 30" $21.25 Lightning Bug 34" $20.00 ( S-3014 ) "X" or "V" Tail Lightning Bug 34" $20.00 ( AG-37 ) "X" or "V" Tail Manta 60" $28.00 Others:- Bantam 100" $28.00 Wanderer 99 99" $21.00 ( original rib set ) Wanderer99 99" $20.00 ( modified S-3014 ) Raven 3M $35.00 Raven 2M D Box $20.00 Glider price listings less shipping (My shipping was $15-00 for 5 kits) Dave:- DPCMODELS@aol.com [mailto]
  4. FlyBoy

    James Mays Toy Stories - Flight Club

    Realy good, worth the time taken to watch.
  5. FlyBoy

    Lead Shot

    Good day gents. Lead sheet from your local plumbing supplier is also a good idea; it’s thin and can be cut with scissors to any size and shape you require. Its use for roof flashing, and is easy to work with.
  6. FlyBoy

    Z22 Slopie

    Found it, looked this morning and got nothing.
  7. FlyBoy

    Z22 Slopie

    I’ve just got my wings started; my finders are black from sanding the laser cut wood. As I’m moving along with this I’m blown away at the quality and thought that has garn into putting this together.Ammmmazing One thing, I cannot find Zaerotech, the supplier on the net, anyone know where they have moved to?
  8. FlyBoy

    Z22 Slopie

    Nice. I bought mine a year ago and opened the box for the second time on the weekend. When I got mine there was a second one in the box, Yahoooo. I’ve bought the Frsky (Futaba) micro receiver and small servos from HK 3 days ago, so will do the build and await the goodies. What type of covering did you use, is it the ultra-light stuff or normal Solafile?
  9. FlyBoy

    Z22 Slopie

    Why not try the 9 volt battery dis-assemble trick, should work OK.
  10. FlyBoy


    Nice.. ....good one.
  11. FlyBoy

    Fuse Moulds

    Hell, you’ll have to fly that on your own, that master piece will go right through you and not even quiver.
  12. FlyBoy

    Giant RC

    Ammmazing. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=zYPag3LuKlA
  13. FlyBoy


    Yip, do it all the time for small stuff, they don’t all look like that though, some are long and thin, depending which 9V you get.
  14. FlyBoy

    Suburban Sloping in Hamilton

    How about an “evening glow” flying session at one of Kiwikid’s play grounds after work or.................. ?
  15. FlyBoy

    What a Wonderful World

    Nice....as always