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  1. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    Pete they also do 50mm but I thought at 100 it could be cut in half but would be better for fusalages. I have seen 3 wings cut into 1 x 100 mm sheet
  2. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    Sounds very expensive. That's $45 US plus shipping shipping will not be cheap
  3. What has happened to Foamworks

    Looks like it flies great. Could just be the pilot
  4. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    this is the email that I got back. I am not sure what FOB Ningbo means Hi Joanthan Ashton Dear Joanthan Ashton, 100x1000x1200mm 45 USD per piece FOB Ningbo
  5. NZ Foam

    cant get the green stuff but can get a yellow foam that is not bad
  6. NZ Foam

    For normal foam, I get it from Forman Insulation. It is denser and cheaper
  7. What has happened to Foamworks

    Fusions are a thing of the past. They were / are the best front side foamie on the market in my opinion. Foam works closed down and sold the equipment to JohnFlys. Johnflys ( http://www.rcsoaring.co.nz/profile/2600-johnflys/ ) has said that he will make some more but that was some time ago and have not heard anything since. Perhaps with patients we will get some again !!
  8. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    Would anyone be interested in a bulk EPP purchase so we could make some gliders??
  9. Ngaio Today

  10. Ngaio Today

    sorry. Phone ran out of memory 1 second into the AFP flight
  11. Ngaio Today

    here is Pete looking happier. Also PW and Pete with Bat2 record
  12. Laser Cut Fluteboy

    here are the plans dAzi4-layout1.pdf dAzi4-layout2.pdf dAzi60-layout1.pdf dAzi60-layout2.pdf
  13. Wellington (part deux)

    I will meet you at the top. Slow and steady for me
  14. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    He does 3 for $60 or 1 for $30 shipping. its in the drop down menu. I have done it before and the option is still there. He will not do anything else, I have tried
  15. Wellington (part deux)

    ok. Ngaio then??