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  1. contact this guy. He is the guy that use to make the Raven. The M60 has the same wing but is a traditional epp fuse https://www.northcountyflyingmachines.com/
  2. yep. if you are in Welly let us know. we have a great slope here
  3. yep. Im good for the afternoon
  4. There is a small possibility that I will be going to the wind farm in Palmy on Sunday for some light air DS. Is anyone else interested
  5. jonoashton

    PSS F-20

    It's been a while since we have heard from you. Are you still sloping at Raglan?? If only I had spare $$. I thought you only purchased kits, not sold them Jono
  6. is anyone keen on a fly tomorrow or possibly this arvo
  7. Pete and PeeWee and I planned a morning of DS at Ngaio. The forecast was for 23 knots but Pete measured over 90 kph at the ridge. I was the first up the hill with a hand cart full of gliders. I launched the JW for a test and found heaps of power but rough as guts on the back. Pete and PeeWee arrived soon after with a plethora of gliders between them. Pete launched his Bat (original) and battled through the rough to get 184mph, upping the Bat record by 20mph. After a successful backside landing it was time for PeeWee to fly his JW PeeWee’s JW was no where near strong enough but ballasted up was soon speeding about. PeeWee mucked about doing a couple of laps then flying it straight up to almost out of site. When PeeWee got down to business it was clear that the spars were not up to it as there was massive wing flutter !!! PeeWee still managed to get an outrageous speed of 178mph in spite of the massive flutter until it got the best of him and “arrived” into the hill to finish his flight. Pete kindly launched my old beat up PMS and I quickly saw that there was speed to be had, if I could hold things together. The speed built until I had passed my PB, then there was a mighty flutter through the top sheer and I had no elevator at all. I grabbed for the flaps and was able to fly around for a couple of minutes trying to line up a landing. Unfortunately my flying using flaps for elevator was ok for gentle turns on the front but not a backside landing and 7kg’s of glider turned upside down and plummeted into the bush on the backside. I recovered it (a massive job ) and will be able to fix it but I need to build an new one at some stage. I finished up with 264mph, upping my PB that has been unchanged since January 2015 and taking back the site record from Alex !! After my lengthy recovery I launched Pete’s AFP70 and Pete awed us with his flying through the rough conditions. At one point the AFP ducked down out of site for actual seconds while still going about 240. I don’t know where it was for all that time but it shot back into view and Pete laughed and before hooking it straight back into the circuit. Pete had nerves of steel flying in the conditions with 90% of the laps over 200 getting a max of 245MPH, just 2mph off his PB. I am looking forward to seeing the video Jono
  8. It’s my anniversary, however I really want to fly do will see what I can do. Is the pms2 ready ??
  9. mks are way better than KST's but i just cant usually afford them. Aloft are good. Hyperflight in the UK are good for MKS depending on the exchange rate Mitre 10 Mega in Porirua have balsa and basswood, ply etc in there tools dept and Pete's emporium in Porirua or lower hutt have the same but usually rougher condiotion Jono
  10. It's a lotto dream at this stage. ?
  11. It's been another great Fest. Just a shame I couldn't stay for an extra few days
  12. I hope you got some good flying. Have you flown the Opus yet or are you still assembling?? That white PU is great stuff. Nick, Allan and I got out this arvo for some light air slope at Titahi bay. Great to get a wee bit of combat and general slope shenanigans
  13. I am riding my dirt bike on Sunday. I'm looking forward to seeing the Opus
  14. NiMh are still good for most slope models. If you use Lithium batteries then you will be over voltage with 2 cell and under with 1 cell and then you will require a voltage regulator. Lithium are also far more likely to catch on fire if you crash hard. If you happen to have a high voltage receiver and high voltage servos then lithium can be good but if not then I would stick with Nimh Jono
  15. jonoashton


    Anyone keen on a combat / frontside session at Shannon on New Year's Eve ( Sunday ). Will be starting early enough to still get home before the usual New Years party's kick off Jono
  16. Ian is also the designer of the Willow and the willow 2. His gliders are made by the same guy that builds the Schwing Jono
  17. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1495999091 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=1496012400&member_hash=9f7de9a8ce64e7444c370c5571e7676e00165947140778c8ed&tm=email&et=46&mt=DF22B453-B497-4645-9592-A7C71ED8DC63
  18. It was great to meet Ian if only for a half hour or so. The air was not good but we both had a bit of a fly, me with a couple of foamies and Ian with a beautiful big mouldie of his own design. Jono
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