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  1. Wellington (part deux)

    I'm probably going to be out camping this weekend.
  2. Laser Cut Fluteboy

    I'll take one Pete.
  3. FrSky Taranis Q X7

    Yeah, the value for money is terrific. Those mods Pete W has done sound interesting. I don't really get why you'd want a light transmitter when flying a DLG - sounds like you guys are getting a bit too serious about stuff if you think an extra few grams in your hands is somehow reflected in the DLG?! I'll be sticking with the stock X7 with the AA battery tray in the back - it'd be pretty funny if i end up using it as my primary radio.
  4. FrSky Taranis Q X7

    I've been looking for a buddy box transmitter for my daughters and anyone else who happens to be out on the slope and wanting a try at flying. After much procrastination and generally pissing about settled on the Taranis Q X7. I decided on this model for several reasons: - price. $154 delivered. - opentx. If i bust my Taranis X9D I can use this as an interim transmitter. - If my kids actually get into flying then this would be an awesome first transmitter. I've got it on order but not yet received it so I will update once it arrives and have had a chance to play with it.
  5. Wellington (part deux)

    Hi Ian & welcome to Wellington. The strong & steady NW at Whitireia is a dream for slope soaring so I am sure it won't disappoint! We usually head out most weekends when the wind is good, and sometimes after work during the week, so keep an eye on this thread and we'll drop a note on it when we are heading out next. Do you have a combat ship in that container from Devon?
  6. Wellington (part deux)

    I can't today either sorry.
  7. M60 build

    And its now an M57.
  8. M60 build

    Thanks Pete. I've taken a better look at the drag spar. Apart from the wing root there are a couple more breaks on one side and that trailing edge is looking a bit like spaghetti. I'm thinking of replacing the drag spar. Don't you guys sometimes use square carbon fibre rod for drag spars? Where do you get that from? I got the wing halves glued, and battery relocated. And the tail glued into the Moth (48) Feels good to be back in the garage.
  9. M60 build

    I've decided to repair my M60 following the crash a couple of weekends back. After stripping off the covering & tape it doesn't look too bad, albeit a rather big hole in the middle. I soldered a broken battery connection checked both servos are still working. Then got too it with a ruler, stanley knife, and a hacksaw. It's looking promising. There is plenty of room to run parallel top/bottom fiberglass spars in front of the old main spar, and behind the old trailing edge spar. The drag spar is broken in a few places - wondering if just CA gluing it up will suffice? The battery needs a new home, but there is plenty of space for it. All in all I'm optimistic that it will get back in the air some time in the next 6 - 60 months! Also got around to gluing the wing into my new Moth (48") fuselage.
  10. MadRES

    In all the time it has taken you to do this I have had my Moth's fuse sitting on my work bench waiting for me to iron out a few wrinkles in the nose before moving on to the next step! Looks good Pete.
  11. Taranis for sailplane use

    That's a good point, and it a good example of why it is good to know the formula!
  12. Taranis for sailplane use

    So here was my question at the time: I'm looking for a clear answer to a command chain question. I have read & watched pretty much everything I can find about this, but still have a few questions. From www.rc-soar.com/opentx/ I learned that in opentx 2.0 the source > output formula for a mix changed from (src + offset) * weight = output to (src * weight) + offset = output What about diff/expo/curves? Where in the input > ouput equation above do they fit? Before the weight is multiplied (ie src + (diff/expo/curve) * weight) + offset? I'm not even sure if diff, expo, and curves are applied in the same way in the formula. I'd just like to know the formula, either written down, or in a diagram, so I can put pen to paper and figure out stuff rather than just guessing. And here's what i discovered from reading the opentx mixer loop (mixer.cpp). The formula (very much simplified) is: v = source v += trim v = apply Curves to v (not diffential) v = v * weight v += offset v = apply differential curve to v output = v In each line above the result of v is carried to the next line.
  13. Taranis for sailplane use

    I have read the opentx source code and think it is useful to know the "formula" used to calculate the servo output from what is configured in the input/mix/servo pages. To me it helps make sense of all the options. I've posted the pseudo-code to the opentx Facebook page so I'll dig it up and post it here too.
  14. Taranis for sailplane use

    Shit Pete, I've only just found this thread. Will re-read tomorrow night after 2 less gins.
  15. 40% Sukhoi

    That is friggen amazing!