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  1. Flyingtime

    Keep the forum going

    Seems a shame Mark - I haven't been on here in ages myself - for the last 2 years I've been back on my bike cycling instead of flying. I now run a training group every weekend in Cambridge and operate that from a facebook page. No where near as functional as the web forum, but then there are also a lot more people on it too. Would certainly be a shame to loose all the data on the page from history, there were some good times for a number of years stored on here...
  2. Flyingtime

    Ruapuke (Raglan) Satuday 5th July

    Almost enough to make me hanker for a flight session...!
  3. Flyingtime

    Ruapuke (Raglan) Satuday 5th July

    I still exist...! Just a lot less of me these days. Can't go tomorrow though, kids to babysit while my wife is out for the day. Normally i'm out training on my bike most weekends now, racing on Sundays (and I'm winning my grade too! - no, it's not the lowest grade either!) I dug out my electric thermal glider for the first time in ages at Christmas, but haven't been flying in a long time. If you guys think it's nuts standing on the side of a hill in the cold flying gliders, you should try going biking in hail and sleet!!! brrr! damn that's cold! If you haven't been over to Cambridge to have a look at and have a go on the Avantidrome yet - it's very cool - I race there frequently and train indoors when the weather is bad. No idea how to resize these linked photos sorry...
  4. Flyingtime

    2M rc glider, Bungee length

    Length of the nylon is also dependant on the durometer of the elastic, that is, how much force you need to pull to stretch the bungy a certain distance. If length of field is an issue you can always use a turn-around block / pulley. Stake the bungy near you, walk forwards and install the turn around pulley, then walk back again, the bungy pulls towards the pulley and the nylon runs around the pulley and back to you. Just be aware, that the nylon doesn't always come straight down, hence make sure you have some room for the twine to drop away from fences and trees etc. I have quite a violent bungy, I run about 5 to 1 ratio and can get 200m launches on my light weight glider easy - however it is no good for heavier gliders - is very good for small local parks etc. Of course, the latest mod I made to the plane makes this un-necessary now, I use an electric motor instead, 400ft launches in under 30s no probs!
  5. Flyingtime

    Raven Verses M-60

    Speaking of Matin, has anyone invited him over yet?
  6. Certainly was windy riding around Taupo on Saturday, did anyone end up going out flying? Took me 6hrs, 1minute and 5 seconds to round Taupo - and bugger me if it wasn't hard work for the last 15k's into the wind!!!
  7. My Reaper has the number 11 - it's mine, you can't have it nah nah nah!
  8. I'm out - I'll be about 60km into my 100 mile ride around lake Taupo (hopefully) by 10am on the 30th. My Reaper will be sitting in the cupboard though, and should anyone trustworthy enough want a model to fly and race - I might be persuaded to loan it out - but it is my favourite... - it already has race numbers in its covering, how convenient...!
  9. Flyingtime

    Man on man Slope Racing Rules

    So the "No Carbon" rule has gone, hence I can now race my Reaper finally? (And the Sawtooth that Len has just bought is also legal when he gets it going?)
  10. Flyingtime

    Sawtooth (slightly tweaked..)

  11. Flyingtime

    Sawtooth (slightly tweaked..)

    you guys all know the story behind this one, it does have carbon spars, so doesn't technically comply with the original rules - but rulz smulz, it needs a dose of colour and some balancing lead but there is a battery and two digital servos installed and I've lost interest in getting it going anymore. I've got very close with the CG, it just needs putting internally. - Make me a reasonable offer, FYI it does not break down smaller for transport - unfortunately!
  12. Flyingtime

    Goop and spackel

    Well, it's been a long time since anyone has mentioned anything on this thread - however I thought I'd dig it up, since the summer season is upon us and I might feel like flying again some time soon (after November, got too much training to do before then!) Having got back on my bike, and yes, donning Lycra and cool-max clothing, matched with a decent dose of Carbon fiber this and Aluminium that... I found that my rubber wear-pads on the bottom of my cycling shoes, particularly my left shoe, were wearing out - neigh - chipping of in chunks!!! These shoes have a rigid carbon fiber sole that is designed to transfer all of your pedaling effort into the cranks through cleats attached to the shoes and pedals that resemble a ski-binding. You can push down on the pedals as normal, but you can also pull up. The tech isn't new, but it is cool! Having a stiff carbon fiber shoe sole is cool for riding, but really sucks for walking in, which I have to do, every time I walk out to the Garage - and the shoes aren't cheap as you could imagine. So throwing away a set of shoes because I can't walk in them seemed really annoying. I'd tried a couple of pads of Rubber, epoxy glued to the base of the shoes - they wore off!!! OK, Now the reason I've added this post...!!! I've now found Shoe Goo on Trademe...! WOW! This stuff is good, seriously good. It can handle my 97kg of weight (yes, it's getting less!!!) pivoting around on my heel - standing on rough concrete, and not tear off, and add to that, it's still flexible - I can see why this product would do well on RC gliders. You can get it in several colours, however I've only found it in Black on Trademe so far. The Shoe Goo product I have self levels, so if you apply a blob to an area expecting it to stay a blob, you are out of luck, as the blob will flatten out and flow (albeit very slowly) for a few hours. It's quite smelly, so definitely an outside job, or the wife will probably beat you upside the head for doing it on the kitchen floor...! Clean up isn't too bad either, if you get it on your hands it doesn't rub off straight away, but you can clump it into smaller dots and wait an hour or so, then you can peel the clumps off. They come away in a stretchy thin skin, like a stretched kids balloon. I've used it on several surfaces now, and have even repaired a set of my wife's leather shoes where the straps were pulling out of a slot in the base - I didn't think there was enough for it to stick to, but the repair is very strong (she was even impressed). Certainly gets my vote, I've still got some left if anyone in Hamilton wants to experiment. BTW, Hot Glue is no comparison with this stuff - Shoe Goo is WAY tougher. Usage recommendation would be do the leading edges and wing tips in particular, using something like a spackling knife - I say something like, because if you want to use it as a spackling knife again - you're probably going to have a very tough time getting the shoe goo off first!!! It doesn't seem all that heavy, however adding it to the leading edges will add weight and strength where you want it and not where you don't (want or need weight). I must get some out and experiment with some EPP to see just how well it sticks, since EPP is notoriously difficult to stick to, it will be a good test! Given the fumes coming off the stuff, sadly I expect it will melt polystyrene... Roger
  13. Flyingtime

    Man on Man Competition - Raglan?

    oooh, November no can do..., unless it's the first weekend otherwise I'm fully booked with bike rides (100km around Maungatautari on the 10th) - yard work on the following weekend (Cause I have no other weekends free) - 15th wedding aniversary after that, then the Lake Taupo cycle challenge - 160km, for the first time in 20 years... (I can feel the burn already...!) Somehow I really don't think I'll ever beat my fastest time of 4hrs 16minutes back in 1993...! (heck, I'll be happy to finish this year!)
  14. Flyingtime

    Man on Man Competition - Raglan?

    I'm sorry, did I miss the option for a pedal powered competition...?
  15. Flyingtime

    Man on Man Competition - Raglan?

    I could be tempted out of the shadows for a race or two, however with transport (fuel) so damned expensive these days, i'd be happier combining traveling with someone. I also have a Sawtooth finished (and for sale) should anyone want one still, it requires a little more balancing work and some colour - and it's only slightly modified... radio gear all installed including a 4 channel corona DSSS 2.4ghz receiver and 4 cell battery.