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  1. Mark G


    Wow.....very nice...good job.
  2. Thanks very much - you are welcome. It's been a great ride...and have enjoyed learning so much from you all. Mark
  3. Thanks very much Pete for taking on the forum. I know it is in great hands I will still be around on the forum and am excited to see it evolve over time with it's new owner. Cheers Mark
  4. Pete - I sent you an email....did you get it? Cheers
  5. hey mark - i cant seem to email you, and i cant message you through the site either. What is your cell number? or another email address i can use to contact you?

    1. Mark G

      Mark G

      Hi pete - I sent you an email ...I'll try again...

      0275682895...but about to head to Aussie...so email may be easier




  6. Nice Paul... looks sweet!
  7. Hi Alex - thanks very much for your kind words. it really has been a privilege to have run the forum for so long.I really hope too someone (or even several people) can pick this up and grow the forum... There is so much great content here. cheers
  8. Hi All, With my imminent move to Australia in a few weeks, the time has come to hand over the forum permanently to someone else. I have enjoyed running the forum all these years, but it is a logical time to pass the mantle. I need to hand the forum over - or close the forum by 31st March 2016. Monthly cost is $US30 - but I am sure that someone out there can give the forum a tweak and lower the cost if required. Please email me at organisation@escapevelocity.co.nz to discuss this with me....or for general chat post here. Cheers Mark
  9. Mark G

    MAXA Pro 4

    Oh wow Paul.... work of Art...very nice work!
  10. Hey guys...sorry I can't make the slopefest. Heading off to Aussie to fly B737's...transfer with work.... I really hope you all have a super great time... Cheers Mark
  11. Mark G

    Getting back into it

    Hey - welcome to the site....Mt Welly is AWESOME...especially in a Southerly...and Easterly...its real good. I haven't been up there for a yr or two...but yeah...spent many a Sunday pumping the ridge Awesome!
  12. Excellent...nice and clean I think. Cheers Jono.
  13. Sorry out of the loop a bit - Paul...did this sell in the end?
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