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  1. In my past life, my logon was Flyboy, I'm the one that got all the flute boys cut and sent. We nested all the pars for max strength with the flutes running as they should have according to (sorry cannot remember his name) great CNC drawings. When the chap that cut the kit set it all up, he did it for max efficiency for his laser and material. We got the flutes going in all the wrong directions, not as they were planned, hence all the strength for the spars and flight controllers was not there.
  2. Watch the nesting of the parts in relation to the core flute grooves, we got the flight controllers 90deg the wrong way round last time, they must run along the length.
  3. If I remember correctly, Paul B has the contact details and has flown there more than once.
  4. Good evening all, one quick build, cheap, easy to fly, tuff as old boots ODR, would be fun.
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