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  1. TJM

    Wing Servos

    The jedi is about 2 kg, pretty fast, four wing servos plus rudder and elevator, not much room in wings but glued i the spektrum same as in my Mystique will fit. Just as a matter of interest the Aitech is nicely made, wings well covered but works out expensive with freight gst etc. The Mystique although a different creature was very good value at about $300-00 NZD cheaper and all parts and good instructions in the kit! The Jedi, one page in French, a few fittings and that's it Sweet looking glider though
  2. TJM

    Wing Servos

    Cheers for the feedback
  3. TJM

    Wing Servos

    Apart from the thin spektrum wing servos what other makes that are available in NZ are you using? If I build the Jedi I've received there doesn't appear to be much room in the wings.
  4. Adrian, where are u from? I may be convinced to part with the Jedi, both have turned up today
  5. Im probably going to keep the Jedi, arrived in NZ Monday still in customs
  6. Either was after jedi but mentioned fitness now they are sending both
  7. As far as I know one is jedi and the other is Fitness, smaller slope soarer,, we will see whne they tun up both electr capable if required. We will see how fedex performs, should be here late this week unless there is a hold up in customs
  8. Two airtech gliders on their way from France, one may have to go as my request for one got lost in translation, will be interesting to see what they are like.
  9. Flew the beast at Minogue park at lunch time, flew from the hill so got some good lift when the wind got up, landing was tricky though as the rotors were bad on the approach, full flaps zero ground speed then the wind dropped and you had to be on your toes not to stall, made five or six good landings and one where I drifted too close to one of the larger trees and had to turn away out of my vision and it landed on a small Manuka bush, no damage, but had to fit a new wing servo arm, which a re quite thin due to spce constraints, bit of a blessing as it saved the servo gears which Im picking are not accessible in the spektrum thin servos that I have in the wings. I think i had better get a spare one just in case though, for future use. looking forward to a good dat at Rags when the wind and weather are right.
  10. The servo out put shaft had snapped, getting a spare servo but have installed a new shaft, quite fidley. It must have cracked the other day when it had a hard landing after clipping the bush while landing and then snapped today. No other damage so all is good. Hope you guys had a good morning flying
  11. im not any more but my partner does might be able to access it there cheers
  12. I will need to get some air time to refine the settings, I used some one elses from a forum overseas and although it seems to fly ok I think that i will have to change some of the xpo settings to suit myself to get it turning nicely. I also need to take the socket out I used for balast and either get a longer Lipo or find weights to keep the c of g in check. With the existing battery it requires quite some weight to keep the nose heavy enough.im impressed with the Futaba 18sz, easy to set up and make changes etc.once you get used to there terminolgy that is
  13. Test flight went well once i adjusted the down elevator when selecting flaps, Cof G seemed about right and managed a few flights untill the wind got up.
  14. Received the wing servos Friday and fitted them this afternoon.Tommorrow morning will set the throws which is easy with the Futaba 18sz and may be a test flight. The c of g with the battery supplied was way too far back, needs the equivalent of a small lipo in the nose to get the 122mm required.It's a large model compared with the little radiun! photo included.
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