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  1. Batteries for slopers?

    That settles it. A new NiMh pack it is!
  2. Batteries for slopers?

    I might need to replace an old NiCad 4 cell pack with something else that can run your basic receiver and 2 servo slope foamy. I was inclined to get a NiMh square pack for ease of storing, transporting and charging - and I need a lot of weight in the nose anyway. It seems NiCads and NiMhs are being replaced in favour of LiPo and LiFe so I just wanted to know what people are putting into new slope foamies these days? 1S or 2S LiPos with appropriate booster or UBEC, and some extra lead to balance where necessary?
  3. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    Took the Mustang out to Muriwai yesterday and it flew great in about 7 knots. Very pleased with the balance and general flight, I just need to figure out how to mechanically adjust the elevator trim because my TX is on full down trim (I think it needs more) and the pushrod seems to be glued directly to the clevis. I might have to disassemble it and add some threaded rod to get the elevator physically in the right place. Unfortunately it looks the NiCad pack I was using is kaput because about 10 mins into flying, the sticks went dead! Fortunately it just did gentle circles into a flax bush and was retrieved with relative ease. It is a very old pack (~10 years) and has had zero use during this time. Not sure if it's just decayed with time, or I stuffed up the charging, or it might come back to life with a couple of cycles of discharge/charge. Will do some more testing but not going to fly this battery again unless I'm certain it's OK. It rolls reasonably nicely, I have the control throws pretty sedate at the moment so I want to ramp it up and get some nice fast snap rolls. It's a little more stall-prone than I'm used to, but I'm putting that down to me not flying a heavy sloper for a while, and possible bad elevator trim.
  4. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    Ooh, I'm a complete beginner with DLG so I had my eyes on something a little more low-budget like an Elf, so I won't feel so bad if I fly it straight into a lamp post.
  5. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    So I opened up the Mustang and I dug out an old Futaba AM receiver and dry-cell battery pack that had obviously leaked some time ago that made a bit of a mess, and replaced it with a FrSky X4R receiver and old NiCad pack I had lying around. I was worried that the silver covering might have been heavy duct tape, but it seems to be quite a lightweight covering. It needed quite a bit of lead in the front to balance properly. After checking all the control throws, I had a few flat-field hand launches to check the balance and start trimming it. Then I took it up Mt Wellington yesterday morning because I was expecting decent wind, but unfortunately it only got up to about 6 knots while I was there. I decided to try and see what it did in the air anyway and was quite pleased with the results. It had several launches and rapid messy landings, but it briefly sustained nice level flight and looked really good in the air. I think the balance and trim is OK now, I just need another opportunity with a little more wind. I think I'm well equipped with heavy and light slopers and the Radian for thermalling practice now. I just need to get a decent DLG and a little electric slow-flyer with landing gear to practice take-offs and landings, then I'll have something for just about every occasion.
  6. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    Yup! It looks really nicely built but I haven't had much of a chance to check it out yet. Apparently it's only flown few times but has otherwise been sitting around. It feels quite heavy and the CG seems a bit far back. In fact I can't see how the battery was ever accessed for charging so it looks like it's not been flown beyond the first charge. I'm looking forward to digging out the receiver and checking the weight/balance. Merry Christmas to me!
  7. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    Yes, I saw that, closing Christmas Day. Much better to leave it for one of us Dorklanders, hands off!
  8. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    That's what I remember too. I think it's angled, so guessing you'd need to be careful about bending it without collapsing it.
  9. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    The Arrow kit is tempting although the seller says there is no hardware and not certain about the elevons. It could be a bit of a pain to get the parts e.g. I'm not sure where to start with making/sourcing a spar joiner.
  10. What has happened to Foamworks

    This looks like a great replacement for my decrepit CS Eraser! If you can successfully kit this then I'll grab one. Take my money, please! Err, how much is it likely to be anyway? Also, if you are inclined to do a warbird then I'm also very interested.
  11. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    I'd be interested too, particularly if shipping to Auckland is ok and it was something with a fuselage and tail feathers.
  12. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    Yeah, it is sad CS are no longer around, I would love one their warbirds now. I also had a CS F20 that I tossed out when downsizing at one point, admittedly it didn't fly well because I built it way too heavy. I've seen the windrider and ncfm offerings and was also put off by the eventual cost to get them here.
  13. WANTED: EPP slope models or kits

    I'd love to get my hands on a new EPP slope soarer too. My CS Eraser is the only thing I have for stronger winds and messy landings. Something scale like a Spitfire would be cool!
  14. Auckland, anybody home?

    Just thought I'd share some of the pleasure of one of Auckland's first stunner flying weekends this season. On Sunday I went up Mt Wellington just after sunrise with my Alula to enjoy the gentle warm breeze. After an evidently hard landing after the first launch, it started flying like a wet noodle and I found an elevon control horn had come loose. Damn, and damn I didn't have any CA with me. Quick trip to The Warehouse to get some and did a quick repair. Back up Mount Welly to launch again. Unfortunately in my haste to repair, I had apparently put the horn back in a slightly different position so my elevon mixing was a bit out and it was doing messy pitching when rolling. Determined to get this right I did several launches and mix adjustments. Rolls just about back to normal so time to enjoy the warm but changeable 3-5 knot breeze briefly before getting called back home. After a few minutes of fun working the light slope lift, I ventured further out and then started to climb unexpectedly. I was in what I think you'd refer to as a "boomer" and in tight circles now climbed to the point where it got so small I could barely see to coordinate turns while staying upright. I left the thermal and returned to the slope when family cellphone calls started coming and an elderly spectator got talking to me about his history with model aviation. Apart from a few little bubbles or turbulent experiences while troubleshooting other problems, this was the first "real" thermalling I've done after many years on and off in the hobby, I was utterly thrilled! Unfortunately I was slightly robbed of that feeling as I finished up with the thermal and the old-timer spectator made a snide comment about my relying on electronic mixing to correct something on the model not being exactly aligned. Evidently his building technique was so precise in the days before computer radios that he found my taking extreme pleasure in flying a model thrown together in spare moments, distasteful. i had a great morning's flying, I just wish people could resist the urge to perpetuate New Zealand's ridiculous tall poppy syndrome culture for longer than 5 minutes after meeting a complete stranger! I can't help but wonder if this sort of experience, if repeated, is the type of thing that seems to have turned the hobby into a bit of a ghost town. Anyway, sorry for the rant. First thermal, yay!
  15. Auckland, anybody home?

    Thanks guys, looks like you have some awesome flying going on down there. I've PMed Neal and will see what comes of it. I started with slopers but I'm binge-watching the Flite Test YouTube channel and really like the experimental/cheap/social approach they take to introducing people to the hobby. I'm one of the few not on Facebook so can't really take that approach. Somehow my circle of friends ended up using Skype for group chat, go figure!