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    Research various performance enhancing rc products.
  1. Hello everyone, My name is Kazaklis Tasos from Greece... Hopefully by the end of the year i will manufacture micro r/c sailplanes and performance accessories. For the time being, I work hard in finishing my workshop and improving some delicate machinery and tooling. My 40 year experience (last six strictly competitive) in designing/improving/flying rc sailplanes led me to research various performance enhancing products (turbulators, higher degree joiners, tailskids) …my aim at the time being is to share them with other pilots… the price is just to cover cost/labor/transport etc. These are the three final versions of my CNC produced thin turbulator stripes… some changes have been made regarding the stripe total length available in each particular set… to better suit the requirements of different size ships. The material has a “soft” adhesive system and so can be easily and safely repositioned within the first weeks to find the best percentage/chord position for your particular model… all are 0.10 mm thickness but the width and angle varies for each version. Their total transparency matches every color scheme… in the photos attached a portion of the sheet is painted silver to aid visualization… they can also be bent quite easily to negotiate curved leading edges and wing tips. In the flight department a pilot can expect enhanced low speed performance… better climb rate combined with predictable/stable turning abilities… a key factor however is experimentation to find the best chord position as each wing surface/airfoil combo has a different BL flow behavior… a two page instruction manual is provided with each set to aid the pilot for this procedure… it also covers practical application tips. Quite a number of interesting threads can be followed in internet for those who are not entirely familiar about turbulator usage. You can see the Turbulator Versions below: Versions Suitable Wing Size Stripe Length Price Maxi Turbulators 3 to 4m 9 x 0.9m = 8,1m 35 Euros Midi Turbulators 1,5 to 3m 7 x 0.9m = 6,3m 30 Euros Micro Turbulators 0,8 to 1,5m 5 x 0.9m = 4,5m 25 Euros Wingspans are only given as a guideline and experimentation is essential to find the best results. I send all my packages Registered in the buyer’s name with Tracking Number and link provided to follow its progress… shipping included in price. I accept PayPal and i can ship the item in 2 working days, notifying about shipping details. You can contact me at kazaklisglider@yahoo.gr Regards, Tasos.