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  1. Have a great fly. Im back on dad duty. Ian
  2. Hi lads Just having a saturday thrash with the Merlin while i have a pass from home. Its the first time ive had all the lead in her for a good while- dam im rusty. Dont think the opus will be maidened today. Ian
  3. Hi I'll be aiming to get there from around 4. Ian
  4. Hi I should be able to get out on Sunday late afternoon. With the wind from the south on Saturday I don't know anywhere to go? I'll have the Merlin, The Opus wing servos are still to arrive and I have to make the ballast tube so I can use the same slugs as the Merlin. Ian
  5. I'm sorry that I managed to miss everyone on Sunday. I have my shopping list for the Opus, the wings should fit 11mm servos in. Any suggestions for the best suppliers who ship to Wellington? I'll make a trip to Bunnings for the servo tray Ian
  6. My pass confirmed and ive made the slope earlier than i thought. Warm and breezie! Ian
  7. It would be in land sloping with some thermals. I'll get myself up Hitahi tomorrow with luck. Ian
  8. Hi chaps I'll have to confirm the time. My missus has been asked to go into work. I think it will later in the afternoon if i get out. Out of interest, are there any in land soaring sites not too far away? Seeing a few birds circling away while we were on holiday got me thinking about launching off from the slope and picking up some thermals. Ian
  9. The opus has just arrived, a late but lovely present. The fuselage has a good bit more girth than most and is good but the wings... you know how you hope a wing will be after flying the original Opus. They're like that but bigger! I'll get the camera and ruler out later. Ps Anyone planning on flying on sunday? Ian
  10. A real old school model builder -Pavel who makes the Opus models have sent me the pictures of his new 2.58m span opus XL. Just when I was thinking that an Opus GT could be fun on the slopes here:-)
  11. Hi, Kind of. James Hammond designed the models. The schwing and some of his newer stuff are made by a chap call Zhou. I've been out of the loop for a little while so I'm not sure what other models he makes. I've been working with Zhou for about 6-7 years (I'll work it out later). A very nice guy eager to learn and make models. Ian
  12. Hi Guys I will have to see if I can find a picture, I was flying my Merlin. The conditions seemed to be a bit smoother further round to the left- or it could have been that I was just flying further and that bit faster. A fun late afternoon and a lovely spot- can't wait to get back there! Ian
  13. Really good to meet Jono on the slope today. I don't think my flying did the slope justice. A lovely flying site, can't wait to get the model back there again. Ian
  14. I think we might miss each other. I wont be getting there before 4.30. I'll let you guys know how it goes. See you next time Ian
  15. Hi Im working to get out and fly later this afternoon. Will any of you guys be out? Ian
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