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  1. dave pope

    Laser Cut Fluteboy

    yes Garath and built a couple of the dAzi4 that are a corofulte wing like the fluteboy. I built a few of these years ago and are cheap tuff and you can build them in an afternoon. 1 sheet of 3mm coroflute and you get 2 planes, you do need a small sheet of 5mm for the internal centre section and elevons plus a packet of glue sticks and some zip ties. the plan is easy to follow but the dimensions are a little out when you fold together but for what it is it does not matter. I would recommend as cheap and a great slopie the cg is very close to the plan, mine was right on the money but Garath needed a little nose weight. To fold well a pizza cutter is a must and a straight edge of a bench. Hot glue works well but you need fillet sealing as well and tape the trailing edge. if you search dAzi4 you should fine the plans. dave
  2. dave pope

    M60 build

    Looking good guys, forgot what it's like to build slopies.. Will get back to it by the end of the year.
  3. dave pope

    Raglan Slope Fest 2016...do we want one?

    Opps forgot to log in, I plan to camp in my van, should be a nice time of the year. Not sure if Lyn can come up, if she does than a cabin would be the go.
  4. dave pope

    Rags spur of the moment

    Sounds like a nice afternoon.
  5. dave pope


    least we can tell them apart, Jono's is heavier than mine so i will be in his vapor trail.
  6. dave pope

    Smack60 - Tips, tricks and templates.

    Wow this thread is growing legs and running. Keen to watch and see what others do.
  7. dave pope


    Maybe we need a Mokau weekend before winter hits. Should we start planning?
  8. Way to go Daryl that brings back memories.
  9. dave pope

    CNC milled DS flying wings

    Jono told me about the idea and I have finally caught up with it. Sounds great put me down for $100 to get things going. Washout , Hmmmmm, prob. no, they need to go fast, but not sure. The AFP does have it and makes better for low speed like back side landing but makes drag to reduce speed, mind you the AFP70MH needed heaps of reflex to fly and Jono got 226. So dont know, maybe Alex knows best.
  10. dave pope

    Shannon sun 12th

    front side sloping at shannon this sunday and maybe some DS nth of shannon should be good.
  11. dave pope

    Raven Verses M-60

    I think Matin is busy as, and only gets to Manilla, maybe he will do a NZ trip at the end of Manilla one year.
  12. dave pope


    I will let you know as things develop.
  13. dave pope


    Seeing as I have a CNC foam cutter we are looking at doing some short kits of the AFP's. We are still playing with the foils we have flown with the original foil not CNC, and the MH45 @8%, Jono is building a PW51. AFP's have been built at 60" and 70" span. I thought i would start this thread to see if there is any interest. Dave.
  14. dave pope

    iSoar DS1

    Awesome work Pete, looks great hope it flys as well.
  15. Opps, I was just reminded by Lyn today that the date for MOM is when my daughter and her husband arrive from Aus for a couple of weeks, so bugger I wont be able to attend.