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  1. dreadlock

    Popeye's nemesis... Offers?

    After looking at the date of my last post in this topic.... I really have struggled to get out flying in the last few years. With 3 kids growing up fast and commitments as trustee on a couple of boards, work overseas, I just have not had time to get out by myself and fly.🙁 It was at our family xmas lunch this year, in my garage, when I looked up at the Bluto hanging there in the rafters, covered in one of my kids first flannelette sheets, and thought maybe, just maybe it is better if she is with someone else who can take her out and spread her wings (not literally!). Is anyone keen on taking Bluto off my hands, open to reasonable offers... Every now and then I have taken her down and cycled the battery, I think I would recommend a new battery pack (purely based on age) if you were going to take her on, All servos are operating 100%. The lost model alarm is Beeping, all the time, but I think that might be a programming thing I set on a switch when installed - it has been so long since I spent time on the sticks let alone programming a Tx! Have a look at the build log, pretty much exactly as is apart from the usually landing rash. So, if anyone here is keen, or knows of someone that might be, let me know. She'll be wrapped up this afternoon and put back in the rafters till maybe one day I get back out there....
  2. dreadlock

    Hobby Shack - GIGOLO

    Bluto... NEVER! I am hanging our for a good 30knt plus day at Ruapuke!
  3. dreadlock

    Hobby Shack - GIGOLO

    Decided to thin the fleet out a bit, haven't had much time to get out slope soaring and speeding more and more time with the family MTB'ing thru the bush. this one's up on Trade Me if anyones interested. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1066541271
  4. dreadlock

    CAA Part 101 & 102 amendments

    Is this the kind of behaviour that has created these amendments.... http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11509870 Oh, not the shooting, there has always been gun laws, and people kill people, not guns, But the drone flying over a public space filming a highly volatile situation... I see this user has removed the video from his you-tube account. I can only wish he takes a skate for this...
  5. dreadlock

    Raglan Slope Fest 2016...do we want one?

    Keen (pending work/travel/etc so far out), Ruapuke an option?
  6. dreadlock

    CAA Part 101 & 102 amendments

    Daryl, lengend for that!
  7. dreadlock

    Rags or Ruapuke Sunday 28 June 2015

    Sounds like fun Len. Been so busy about NZ and AUS with work have not had a chance to get out flying.... Can't believe it has been 12 months since I was last at ruapuke...>http://youtu.be/H6TaY-95tqc
  8. dreadlock

    FlyFly Hobby Geronimo 3.0

    Cheers, I'm low on gears on the mountain bike, can't keep up with the kids... i was not thinking of kids when I bought one of those Jump/dirt bikes, I must be getting old. LOL.
  9. dreadlock

    FlyFly Hobby Geronimo 3.0

    http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=862566461&ed=true Have to let something go, its just not getting flown... open to offers if anyone is interested.
  10. dreadlock

    Rags Sunday 8th Feb

    Sounds like you guys had a great afternoon, pity I had to miss it. i did manage a good afternoon the day before and had a few good flights catching thermals with the RadianPRO, assisted by the FES to get up there the HK Altimeter/Timing system is pretty good.
  11. dreadlock

    Soarfest 2015

    Excellent, I'm all good to go, long range forecast looks like a few showers but that will likely change. 2nd that, any other locals keen?
  12. dreadlock

    Soarfest 2015

    It is pretty dry, park behind our house is not quite a dust bowl yet, but another week without rain... I am happy to scope out for you, only day not available is 2nd Feb in Sydney. Drove past site at SH29 and Hopkins road today which looks still loaded with maize.
  13. dreadlock

    Soarfest 2015

    Right, who else from here is coming? I have this on our calendar and my entry is 99% confirmed. Radian pro ready for sportsman. Took some negotiation: Saturday, wife....http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine%27s_Day Sunday, 2 year old son.... http://matamatatruckfest.co.nz
  14. dreadlock

    Under wing Camera Mounting

    Well, ran with a new fuse, was even able to remove the decals from the old, new set of gears in one aileron servo, new canopy, new clevis. Used shoe goop on the wing, finished glue colour is great and invisible, strong, but it has shrunk and wrinkled the foam along the break, nothing major but a pretty good fix. Everything is back to almost brand new. Re hinged one of the flaps with some book repair tape. I think the elevator angle is a little off and might need a tweak, needed an lot of up to get her straight, will have to compare with old fuse.
  15. dreadlock

    Altitude Limiting Devices

    Couldn't decide, so got both! Flew the radian pro with the CAM this afternoon, easy to install, easy to programme, tested Both the 30sec run time and the 100m limit... Both work great, the self re-arming works excellent. Had 5 consecutive flights without having to re-arm, or disconnect, great for practicing those spot landings... When is the soar fest again? The Hobbyking one is on its way, ordered last Thursday evening, by the time I got to work in the morning I had checker-robot confirmation and tracking, quick, something must be up. It even left the country of origin the following day!