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  1. MadRES

    Looks good!
  2. MadRES

    I'd be highly concerned about their robustness and torque for that frame
  3. 40% Sukhoi

    Yep is mine. 170cc on pipes
  4. MadRES

    ALso have had amazing success with Corona servos.... Proven to 318mph on my SC60 and 294mph on my afterburner. Also run them in all my FPV race wings. Not one has failed in over 20 servos. Id recommend the 919 or 929
  5. MadRES

    I'd seriously go JR285(385) if you want reliability. Every X08 and MKS DS65 servo I've had has failed. Alternatively the Hitec 65 is a great servo
  6. 68" fusion build questions

    To be blunt, its just not worth persisting with. Throw the wing away and use a different one would be the only thing i could recommend and go 60". Narrow the chord, moving the wing to the front of the slot to increase tail moment
  7. 40% Sukhoi

    My second flight from the air
  8. Plasti Dip

    Got any examples of a finished fuse for us?
  9. 68" fusion build questions

    Unfortunately I would also have to agree after flying two different ones. Definitely the two worst EPP slopers I have flown (Apart from a couple of funky PSS models)
  10. Dream flight Ahi

    Wish we had an NZ distributor. THey look really fun
  11. SLope DS Sale

    Were you after the Ocelot?
  12. SLope DS Sale

    Where are you based? Am flying to Palmerston North next month and have a mate that can take it to Hamilton
  13. SLope DS Sale

    Has a socked Fuse, but my guess would be not more than 150. Is built like a RCRCM Model and has Hitec 125 servos in wing and 85s on vtail
  14. SLope DS Sale

    Pics are hard to do while at work, but here are the models: http://rcspeeds.com/aircraftdetails?AC=397 http://rcspeeds.com/aircraftdetails?AC=184 http://rcspeeds.com/aircraftdetails?AC=227
  15. SLope DS Sale

    Hi guys, Selling my Stratos DS 3.3m SOLD My scorcher 2m SOLD And that 60" v-tail ocelot for $200 Happy to negotiate the sale of other stuff... Am in need of cash...