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    Port Taranaki - New Plymouth

    Thanks for the links guys ,I'll check them out,didnt know there were so many web sites in lil old NZ Thanks for the heads up ,I'll check out bell block tomorrow.I live at Fitzroy and was hoping I might be able to fly some lift off the sand dunes with my corro eagle .We shall see ! Yip,thats my Corsair ,just waiting for batteries ,elevator/aileron horns ect to arrive and I'll be good to go.Should come in AUW around 1200g ,200 of that will be lead in the nose cone. I was lucky enuff to survive hang gliders and microlights back in the day.Just keeping the feet on the ground these days thanks for your help batman
  2. batman

    Port Taranaki - New Plymouth

    Hello , anyone out there from New Plymouth ?? Just been bitten by the slope soaring bug about two weeks ago when I was talking to a guy that was flying his V tail in front of the Fitzroy motor camp.Unfortunately everything he told me went in one ear and out the other because i was totally mesmerized by what the glider was doing. Since then I have built a coroflute eagle and almost finished a coro corsair ww2 and am itchin to fly. Just need a bit of local knowledge where newbie should start so would great the hear from anyone out there . batman