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  1. slope soarer for 5-12 kph days

    I am addicted enough to sloping (not to mention young kids = take the money and run when an opportunity to be excused from family duties arises) that I want a glider for the light days. I don't (yet) have the skills to manage some high performance wing (at least not when using PicaSim , which is a FANTASTIC piece of free or nearly free soaring simulation software). Broad categories: -Discus Launch -Old school floater, like gentle lady/olympic 2 + maybe add some ailerons. -Dont know what this category is: windrider birdie Any thoughts ideas on what category and/or specific glider to get would be much appreciated. My building experience is limited, but I do enjoy it.
  2. Moving in ;)

    to be clear about money - I have to host several sites, and so I need my current (reseller) hosting plan. The sites I host are non commercial, but achieve philanthropic aims quite successfully with 10s of thousands of hits a month, thus I plan to keep them going for decades to come. I am offering to use a spare site and database for free, such that the total cost for hosting the site is the $30 per year dns registration. Database size should be pretty irrelevant for forum this size. As you state it may not be possible - although ethically and legally not providing ability to back up the forum content would be a little dubious of the hosting company.
  3. Moving in ;)

    Thank you for taking over Taurineman. As for looking for ideas to reduce running costs, here is 1 but with a few ifs, and may not be what you are after. I can host about 10 web sites, and I am only hosting about 6 with openhost (a web hosting company with NZ based servers, specialising in .NET which I am most familiar with but can host PHP on a whim). I could easily host this site, but to me it only seems worthwhile if we could bring the past content & images across (to an open source project like YetAnotherForum.Net ). I could do this technically, but at the moment really don't have the time. Therefore, If there is someone who is part of this community who has the technical expertise and time to move the database and image files over, I can set that person up as a user (giving access to a Plesk control panel) and host the site for free. The only cost then becomes annual DNS registration - usually about $20-30 per year, although there are a few caveats depending on who owns the site name. It would usually involve giving the forum a slightly different look and feel. Step 1 would be Taurineman agreeing in principle Step 2 would be identifying an appropriate person
  4. MAXA Pro 4

    I think this every aircraft assembly/build - there is always something in the way of perfection.
  5. "SLOP FREE" wing servos ?

    I think Paul got his from Dave's toys, which would be a pretty sure bet they were genuine.
  6. Getting back into it

    I spend more time flat field, but love a good slope session at Mt Mangere. send me a PM with your number, and I'll try and text when I am off. Tends to be a bit last minute as my life revolves around young kids timetables. What are you flying (if anything) at the moment? What wind speeds are you happy to fly in?
  7. I am off to Oz for a couple of weeks around Christmas, and would love to take a dlg with me (with family around to help look after the kids, and work out of the way, flying opportunities will be much more likely). How do you guys pack your gliders when traveling with them to minimise damage enroute? Do you use a separate case, or put them in your suitcase? any packing hint/tips/tricks? any boxes/bags you prefer? Cheers. Thank you
  8. getting you DLGs on aircraft

    Thank you both for the really useful photos. Time to get box making.
  9. getting you DLGs on aircraft

    Thank you very much - as per all the other help you have provided on this forum Taurineman, it is really appreciated. rather than 8mm corflute, I might glue 5mm corflute to double the thickness, as I can probably get a couple of old signs/posters in 5mm for nothing, and it looks like ~$50 a sheet for 8mm. Would you mind please posting the pictures again - at the moment the .jpg files seem to be corrupt. Thank you
  10. getting you DLGs on aircraft

    photos and dimensions would be much appreciated if you can get the time - thank you.
  11. Snipe DLG

    Ahhh - same weekend as the Raglan slope fest!!! I am rostered on for work that weekend, so I will try and swap out, but even if I manage a swap I still have to choose which event - what a bummer.
  12. Wellington (part deux)

    hmm does the wing own the fuselage or the fuselage own the wing?
  13. Snipe DLG

    Well, today I decided the air was really nice and not very turbulent, so maybe I would get away with maidening this craft (something I had thought I might leave until my flying skills improved) – WOW. Dave Morgan gave it some overhand tosses, and I tried some discus launches. I had one of the most fun 30 minutes of flying as it started to get tuned in! As Dave said – it is as if it has sky hooks in it! I only did 30-50% throws, as I need to do a bit more tuning before I give it everything, but what an incredibly fun ship to fly, and great air to fly it in. I can’t wait to pick the brains/setup of some of the other snipe owners in Auckland Soar. Dave summed it up by stating the look on my face told him I won’t be selling it any time soon! It has been a long time since I have been as excited as I was flying the new toy! Thank you Alex! (and John from JR Airsail for looking after the model until I could pick it up)
  14. MAXA Pro 4

    beautiful looking machine - I'm sure she'll look even more beautiful in the air. Thanks for the info about the servo mounts - I have nothing to mount at the moment, but might try and do as you did if/when I have a ship needing wing servo mounts - a bit of extra time, but I would have thought quite satisfying to get right, and at $US26 + shipping per mount (Taurineman's link), quite a bit cheaper.
  15. MAXA Pro 4

    Thanks for sharing - as per kiwi kid - pics please! Out of interest, what servo frames are you using with the KSTs, and where did you get them? for those interested in Paul's comment about epoxying in servo mounts, the videos on installing servos is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUk0SlCkIso&list=PLK05zXmk7AwcWLE3DC3T167ucudP5ptXQ&index=4 takes about 1/2 an hour
  16. Suitable JR rx

    Taurineman - I have just got around to using this, and realised I hadn't posted a thanks for the file and the explanation - thank you very much for posting!
  17. 4 and 6 pin connectors

    What do you guys use for connectors for detachable wing wiring - e.g. multiplex (watts up hobbies in Hawke's Bay stocks these) or something from Jaycar etc? where do you get them from? it will be for a DLG, so weight is important. Jaycar has a locking header that might be suitable, but I worry a little about the reliability/electrical connectivity of the crimp pins, which only connect on a single side. The US websites talk about Deans connectors, but I can't see a local stockist (not a deal breaker if reasonable postage)
  18. 4 and 6 pin connectors

    wow - thanks - like having my own purchasing agent!
  19. 4 and 6 pin connectors

    thank you kiwikid - I had a look at modelflight, and $AU23 in shipping for a $5 connector! I might give that a miss and go with multiplex. The soldering & wiring part of the build is probably the component I am most comfortable with (and enjoy the most).
  20. Snipe DLG

    Sold - I could resist temptation no longer. It will mean delaying some other purchases (I was looking into f5j), but it is probably best given the limited flying time (due to young kids & long working hours) to concentrate on f3k, and slope when it is too windy.
  21. Building is moving to the world of glass and fibre, having had my first foray glassing the balsa tail of the big fusion. in weight sensitive applications of fibreglass, such as joining wing halves on a DLG, after spreading a layer of epoxy on, it seems the best thing is carefully 'dab off' as much epoxy as possible after spreading a thin application. Of the possible options for dabbing off the epoxy: toilet paper tissues paper towel cloth/rag does anyone have a particular preference or tricks (even so far as brand) in terms of what has maximum absorbancy without leaving any fibres behind in the epoxy? thanks
  22. absorbing excess epoxy to minimise weight

    thank you very much - as always a very detailed and erudite reply. I'll go and by some peel ply at the local fibreglass shop. I have only seen pictures rather than in the flesh, but I think you are underselling yourself with the comment "I am not a neat builder". good point re slopers, as stated, I am currently building a discus launch, so mopping up 2g of epoxy leaves me wooping with joy.
  23. Snipe DLG

    what is that about - don't tell me you are giving up F3K after 1 world title? Hopefully you just mean you will be given factory gliders which you have to return rather than on sell. on a far less important note: If you still have the snipe in a few weeks, really want to sell it & are happy to pack it up & organise freight to the north island (Auckl), I'll go $800 + box + postage. I find it hard to imagine a Cantabrian doesn't want to snap it up at that price though, and as I neither truly 'need' another DLG, nor have the competition skills to do a snipe justice, I'll wait for someone to see sense and buy this thing.
  24. Snipe DLG

    will someone please put their hand up to buy this thing and remove temptation!