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    PSS F-20

    Well the F-20 went to a good home nearby, so I will probably get to see it fly (and buy it back) one day. Yip the U2 is made for PSS so looking forward to getting stuck into that. An internet buddy of mine, Andy Meade, has his 2.7m PSS U2-R on the cover of this months RCSD mag.
  2. KiwiKid

    PSS F-20

    Hi guys, yes still slopin' at Rags, but the old crew we used to have has largely fallen off for a variety of reasons so I often end up flying by myself. Conversely, the preponderance of 'penters has increased markedly which can be a bit of a pain. Yip, still building kits Jono, I just decided to sell this one as I have a U2 kit from the same stable which is similar in layout and bigger.
  3. KiwiKid

    PSS F-20

    Hi guys - just a heads up. I am selling a Brian Laird/Dan Sampson F-20 PSS short kit on TradeMe if anyone is interested : https://www.trademe.co.nz/toys-models/radio-control-robots/planes/auction-1609513113.htm?rsqid=1eab2b0c0b9340a6b6bd51e296220916 Just enough time to get it ready for Manilla!
  4. Hi Marce, I had an impromptu session out at t' slope on Xmas day. Really a fun day, but lots of people about and three ponters.
  5. The owner is "Dave" from Auckland - "SlowMotion27" on RCG: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/member.php?u=474047 You may have come across him there?
  6. WOW - glider porn!! I have always had a hankering for a Burner, but couldn't really justify the cost just for tooling around on the front side. Whilst still expensive, this model is actually being offered at a good price given that it looks in pretty good nick and considering what a delivered airframe costs. I remember it when it was just a chick
  7. Hi Jordan - I don't think we have many members from your neck of the woods here. I know one chap (Paul) who is a moderator on the Parkflyers website. You could join that site and send him a PM. Here's the link: http://www.parkflyers.org.nz/modules/profile/userinfo.php?uid=14
  8. Unsure on that - in the short term anyway they have customised the website and added a new range of models.
  9. Just an update on WattsUp. The business and website has been purchased by John Danks (JR Airsail) and will continue as an electric focused RC hobby shop. It will have a physical presence at the JR Airsail shop in Pukekawa.
  10. Bad news I'm afraid chaps - Foamworks shut down a few months back. Leon sold his foam cutter and is selling the remaining stock on TradeMe: http://www.trademe.co.nz/Members/Listings.aspx?member=3138364 No Fusions unfortunately - will be a collectors item now I guess, although it wouldn't be too hard to replicate. Watts Up is for sale and the FlightRC dude had to get another job to pay the bills - tough times.
  11. Glad to hear she's back in action. Yip, it was a great morning's flying and John was hard at it with the vids and pics. Here's a couple of air to air shots from his Tundra.
  12. Hi Tony, we have set up a FaceBook page for Tauhara park users: https://www.facebook.com/groups/516257275231154/ Will just be used for co-ordinating meets, posting pics etc. Please join up if you are on FB.
  13. Hi Turbs - LOL I have just come in from flying the Vag down at my local park this afternoon. Forgot it was school hols and got mobbed by dozens of kids - all part of the fun. I found the Vag to be a real fun sloper, but it has a fairly narrow wind band that it performs well in which is 5-10kts, depending on the slope. Above 10-12kts it tends to get blown backwards. You can ballast it up, but that affects performance. So, being a fan of powered gliders, I set to with fitting an electric folding prop set up and it ended up like this. Still performs well enough as a sloper, but I now get about 10 times the stick time on it - like so: The vid was just the second flight with the motor on. I have since got a bit more adventurous with it and it does some neat acros. One party trick is to give it full up elevator and full rudder and half throttle and it does a flat spin that just makes it a blur. LOL - I sent Hacker a copy of the vid and nek minut they came out with an E-Vagabond and now have a range of similar models - Fox, Blanik, Lunak and Swift marketed with power options. Good to have those royalty cheques rolling in http://www.zoomport.eu/shop/RC-Kits-and-Accessories/RC-Aircrafts/Gliders-063340600.aspx#f&pg=3&sort=artikl&zobrazeni=0&pocet=12&stock=0 So, in summary, great fun as slopey, but a bit limited in usage. Still flies great as a slopey with the motor option.
  14. Yip, mine started to fail after six months. About every third or fourth time I would go to use the model the motor refused to start or would give a couple of coughs and stop quite randomly, but usually at the most inopportune times. Replaced the ESC with a 25amper and never had a problem since - in fact the replacement ESC seems to produce a smidgen more power at WOT.
  15. KiwiKid

    Build supplies

    Yip - really good stuff. I have been using it for five years. Simon came across it when he was building his Fish. Never found a NZ supplier, but I haven't looked for a while. I just get it from e-bay, about a two week delivery time.
  16. KiwiKid

    360degree video

    This is quite neat for slopin' - 360degree video: https://www.facebook.com/jerseynationalpark/videos/1000928806643591/ When watching a 360 video on a computer, the viewing angle is changed by dragging with the mouse. Make sure you're using the latest version of your web browser (eg. Chrome, Firefox). 360 videos on Facebook aren't viewable on Safari or Internet Explorer.
  17. KiwiKid


    Andy maidened the Flanker yesterday at a fairly blustery inland site, but all went well. I picked up a HET Mig-29 when they were having a sale a few years ago - must dig it out and give it some thought
  18. KiwiKid


    Indeed - they fly well too, being designed for PSS. Andy and another builder had theirs at the recent PSSAUK flyin at the Great Orme a few weekends back, but (after there being howling gales in the lead up to the event) there was not enough wind to fly them: https://www.flickr.com/photos/98511435@N05/albums/72157667492387045/with/25995202264/
  19. KiwiKid


    Just a bump for those who may have forgotten about this publication and any newbies who happen along. Great read for a wet day. The May issue is out: http://www.rcsoaringdigest.com/pdfs/
  20. Thanks Jono, I have just had another four flights with it over the last two afternoons - so nice to have some calm weather. The model came with a 10x5 prop that was OK, but a bit puny thrust wise so I upped it to a 10x10 which is much better and today flew it with an 11x8 folder in preparation for its first slope jaunt. How many models?? Welllll - it's probably best not pull on that thread. Let's just say "more than 40". Here's a selection of some of the more presentable from the quiver: http://www.rcuniverse.com/community/profile.cfm?section=gallery&memID=158340&pageon=1 I have a bunch more rats and mice (indoor, small glider etc) and some that are flying, but unfinished, like the Eagle and Condor and about half a dozen in the repair queue and a bunch of kits secreted about the house, so plenty to be going on with. Current project is powering up my 4m DG808S with a 5S pod mounted set up. Will post some details - if it works
  21. Dang that didn't last long. What's up next - the Bluto ??
  22. Thanks Pete. So, here's the vid, with a bit of AP mixed in - watch it in HD https://vimeo.com/161860224
  23. She flies!! Went out this morning and had a couple of great maiden flights. I can see why a few people have had problems with this model - the recommended CG is way off. I had moved it forward to 60mm from the l/e which worked OK, but she rolled off the top of a couple of loops on the first flight which is a dead give away so I added some more lead taking the CG to 55mm and she flew sweet at this point. It's strange as this position looks too far forward, but it certainly is needed and may have something to do with the general layout of the airframe and shortish nose section. Anyways, really a fun model to fly and looks great. Has a good glide rate and should be a good ridge soarer with a folding prop fitted. Vid to come
  24. I came upon the VQ MotorSpatz (Motor Sparrow) as I have been enjoying flying my 3.5m Ka-8B, but it's a bit big for park flying, so I set out on the hunt for something similar, but smaller. Requirements were that the model should be a scale representation of an actual powered glider; sized around 2.5m W/S so it would be suitable for park flying and ridge soaring as well as club flying; ARF balsa as I ain't got much building time; maybe able to ROG and 3S powered so it will be a passable thermaler. Found several contenders, but the one that took my fancy was the MotorSpatz from VQ Models in Vietnam. The SF-24 MotorSpatz was designed in Germany as a powered version of the existing Spatz glider and was first flown in 1960. Around 50 were made and a few are still air worthy in Europe with a couple flying in the USA. The VQ model ticked all the boxes and had a cool colour scheme as well. Had a hunt around and found the best deal at my old mate Gustav Staufenbiel in Germany. I have been buying from this outlet for many years and they periodically have some good seasonal sales, so I always keep my eye on them. They have several outlets in Germany and got bought out by Horizon Hobbies last year. I figured that would be the end of their special sales, but they let rip with some good spring sales this year and the Sparrow made a return trip half way round the world back to south asia. The model came with a power package comprising motor, ESC and prop. Overall, I was pretty impressed with the kit. A few little QC niggles, but otherwise good value for money. Nice covering job with the covering being printed and of the sticky backed vinyl type. This stuff gives a stronger finish than shrink covering, but is slightly heavier and, of course, you can't shrink it if it gets wrinkles. A nice touch is that they give you a couple of spare bits for any repairs. So, on to the assembly. The included manual is satisfactory and I started with the tail feathers – just a standard build. I replaced the stock Z bend push rods with some threaded rods and replaced the elevator horn with a stronger one. Had a few QC issues with this area, but a bit of modelling got them fixed. The model is supplied with some softwood dowels for the locating pegs on the wings. Didn't much like the look of them so replaced them with same sized cf tube and ran the front one right through the fuse and glued it inside to form a compression strut. The wing joiner is an aluminium tube which is probably OK, but I epoxied a c/f tube inside it to beef it up a bit. There is space around the prop area for air to get in, but no provision for air to escape, so I opened a couple of holes in the fuse out of the way under the wing and attached some covers – the spare covering came in handy. Up to the business end – I just made a 13mm block to mount the motor on giving it a few degrees of down and right thrust. Motor is positioned well and the cowl is a good colour match to the fuse. The model is 1/5.6 scale – you have to provide your own pilot. Some Corona CS-238MG servos should do the trick and fitted well (also used on the ailerons). Beefed up the hardware again on the aileron controls. Set up is: ESC: 40 amp Motor: Pichler Boost 25 980kv Prop: 10x5E Battery: 3300mAh 3S The manual recommends that the CG be set at 68-72mm from the l/e. This looks about right, but I have read a couple of reports of the model being hard to control at this setting and in one vid the model tip stalled a nose dived into the dirt. I checked the decalage with a meter and it looks OK, so I think a rearward CG must be the problem. Will set it at 60mm for the maiden. Well, it was a pretty quick build and she's ready for the maiden – just got to wait for a nice calm sunny morning - maybe tomorrow
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