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  1. Laser Cut Fluteboy

    Mine didn't fold too bad. Top surface a bit bumpy in places but flew fine.
  2. Laser Cut Fluteboy

    I have recently got the CAD files for these from Dreadlock. Over the next week or two i will try find a laser cutter in wellington who can cut these for us. I will get a small run of them done, and will sell them to whoever is interested at cost. Last time these were done people were paying about ~$20 for one of these. No promises until i get quotes tho. So in a nutshell: Simple 48" combat wing made from coreflute. simple fold-n-glue construction all parts included (no electronics or servo connection hardware etc). cheap! bullet-proof.
  3. Wellington (part deux)

    So at this stage Sunday afternoon looks about as strong as any other day but is slightly more W than Monday. But both days look good. So, i will need to make a call, so i can decide whether i fly flat-field Sunday morning at Trentham or not. What suits others?
  4. Wellington (part deux)

    Still early days so weather could change etc. But yes, if weather plays ball, id be keen
  5. FrSky Taranis Q X7

    DLG launch height is directly related to the speed at the moment of release. Speed=height. Mass will dampen the acceleration but provide more momentum, but if you cant accelerate it to its top speed before release then your height suffers. So light = good. in both plane/DLG and radio as it all has to accelerate.
  6. FrSky Taranis Q X7

    You only have to try launch a DLG with a 1.3Kg Horus X12S, and then again with a 500g QX7, and it becomes quite obvious
  7. Wellington (part deux)

  8. Wellington (part deux)

    aaahhh, is that a Scratcho i see??
  9. Wellington (part deux)

    2.4g is legal and very widely used. All good there. Even better we dont have to use special EU LBT firmware Me, i got a whole range of different things and everything in between really. Some slopers, some hardcore DS ships, some DLG, some bigger F3B and F3J and F5J composites etc. Really too many list without causing embarrassment to myself... Most of us Welly guys have a small 20" tweety wing called a WeeBee which i have made most of them which are hilarious to fly and easy to make. I might get around to making another one soon - which you could have for material cost if you like?
  10. FrSky Taranis Q X7

    Pete W has one and its his primary DLG radio. He loves it. Mostly cause its really light, and for DLG you dont want a heavy radio. He has a small 2S lipo in it has a DIN socket mounted on the back as a balance/charge plug. He also put the front dials/rotaries on the sides as sliders and used X9D slider knobs. There is also the QX7S - which has the better gimbals at the cost of little extra weight. With OpenTX it is as powerful as the X9/Taranis, just few buttons. Doubt most would ever out-grow it... And for the cost? well, the QX7 is *the* best value radio out there - bar none!
  11. MadRES

    yes, i was a little surprised too... For my thermal models i do like a more forward CG than i do for slope/DS as you spend a lot of time up very high over your head where you can accurately judge pitch - so pitch stability is important. Maybe ive mismeasured, or theres something else like decalage or something which is not right? having said all that, i liked the way it flew where the CG now is and i'll likely leave it there...
  12. Wellington (part deux)

    Hi Ian. Yes, welcome to rcsoaring. As Jono said the main slope-soaring site (and its also an NZMAA registered rc soaring site etc) is at Titahi Bay/Whitireia Bay Park. Some of us also do some Dynamic Soaring at a site in behind Ngaio. There is also a local model flying club WMAC (http://www.wmac.org.nz) which is an official NZMAA club and as a member of the club you get indemnity insurance etc and can partake in numerous local and national thermal soaring events. Their site is based at Trentham - the army rifle range. I also look forward to meeting you, Pete
  13. MadRES

    Oh yer and no issues with the servo power or battery.
  14. MadRES

    Got to maiden it this morning after the rain at Trentham. Gave it half a dozen hand throws before committing to bungee. The first few flights were terrible. Flew with its tail down and wouldn't turn we'll and wouldn't do anything unless it was going fast. Elevator far too sensitive. CG too rearward. Added 5g nose weight. That helped bit still not great. Added another 6g and then it was much nicer. Got the bungee out and the first light launch went very flat. So I moved the hook back 4mm and programmed a launch preset for elevator (several Clicks up). This time it launched well and got some height. So went scouting for thermals. Not long before I found a weak one which it handled well. Time for another and full power launch. Good launch height this time, and hooked up in a strong thermal which sucked it up. It handled quite nicely for a RES. likes to fly fast bit more like a dlg in that regard. But nicely mannered. I like it. Just need some more time on it. New flying weight is about 410g. CG now would be around 72-73mm need to check. But it's at the very forward of the recommend range. Hook position is at the rear of the recommend range. Worked for me today. Time will tell...
  15. FrSky Horus X10

    FrSky have released a new radio called the X10 and its variant the X10S (has upgraded gimbals). Its called the Horus X10, and its supposed to be an in-between radio between the X9D Taranis and the X12S Horus. Like the X12S it comes with FrSky's own OS called FrOS which is by all means very good and likely a fork of OpenTX. The OpenTX team are working on supporting the X10 in the next 2.2.1 release of OpenTX - but nightly/beta builds can be downloaded and installed on the X10 right now (not recommended for flying with yet). Don't know about anyone else, but im super excited about this radio. I think it fixes the problems in the X9D (button and trim failures and just OK gimbals) and the problems with the X12S (too heavy, lay-out is kinda odd and hard to get used to, only single internal antenna), and it can run OpenTX (best OS by light years). So i ordered one from Horusrc.com and it has arrived. I will let you know my thoughts on it in the coming days. Heres the specs: Heres a promo video: