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    Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland UK
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    RCsoaring: slope, scale & thermal in that order of preference!
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    Hi guys, I live and do most of my flying in Northern Ireland. I fly almost exclusively gliders with a small amount of electric thrown in. I fly with the Northern Ireland Model Soaring Association (NIMSA: http://www.nimsa.co.uk) and occasionally in the Republic of Ireland with Island Slope Rebels (http://www.gliderireland.net). Nimsa fly thermal and slope, but mainly thermal. Like alot of clubs our membership is ageing and struggles on the hills! ISR is mainly a slope club and focuses on scale & PSS Currently building a Jart, a KA-3 and a Bubble Dancer, so a busy boy Separated with 2 girls (8 & 14) who live with their mum. I work for Central Goovernment in taxation