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Hacker ARF Vagabond

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I rather like this new model produced by Hacker.


It's kind of an ARF LeFishy sorta thing with a short build time and neat looks.









Here's the Hacker listing : http://www.zoomport.eu/shop/Modely-a-prislusenstvi/Vsechna-Letadla-/Vagabond-1500-ARF--1630100000374.aspx


You could probably knock up something similar yourself, but the devil is in the detail and Hacker has done a lot of VTPR development to get the model to this stage.


It's probably the first ARF 3D slopey produced. I don't think it is out at dealers yet. I would expect around NZ$220 delivered and, yes, you can DS it - just don't go too fast :smile:


I picked up a Hacker Super Zoom XL last year and was very pleased with the kit.

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Did you order one of these Kiwi Kid?


I see on RCG that they have started shipping them


They seem to look like quite an easy build for a VTPR with a mad elevator...

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Not yet - I was holding off a bit to see what the initial flight reports are like. Looks like they hiked the price up a bit too.

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Well I see alot of people are having fun with their new Vagabonds so, with summer just around the corner, thought I better jump in too.


Sourced one from Hacker in OZ - delivered price is $240NZD which is a fair bit for a chunk of foam, but we all know where the $$$ go.


Comes with a good manual and here's some useful build pics I found: https://plus.google.com/photos/108261435497421048134/albums/6025547622877962065?banner=pwa


And flying: https://plus.google.com/photos/108261435497421048134/albums/6027636112722358513?banner=pwa


Wings and horizontal stabs are pre-laminated, some guys that fly over rocky terrain have lammed the fuse as well.

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Dang - that was quick :-P


Caught me on the hop a bit as the servos are still on the wing.


Still got another project to finish before I start on this one though. Very nice quality kit with excellent instructions.


Should be ready for summer!


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Hi Turbs - LOL I have just come in from flying the Vag down at my local park this afternoon. Forgot it was school hols and got mobbed by dozens of kids - all part of the fun.


I found the Vag to be a real fun sloper, but it has a fairly narrow wind band that it performs well in which is 5-10kts, depending on the slope. Above 10-12kts it tends to get blown backwards. You can ballast it up, but that affects performance. So, being a fan of powered gliders, I set to with fitting an electric folding prop set up and it ended up like this.




Still performs well enough as a sloper, but I now get about 10 times the stick time on it - like so:



The vid was just the second flight with the motor on. I have since got a bit more adventurous with it and it does some neat acros. One party trick is to give it full up elevator and full rudder and half throttle and it does a flat spin that just makes it a blur. 

LOL - I sent Hacker a copy of the vid and nek minut they came out with an E-Vagabond and now have a range of similar models - Fox, Blanik, Lunak and Swift marketed with power options. Good to have those royalty cheques rolling in :-D



So, in summary, great fun as slopey, but a bit limited in usage. Still flies great as a slopey with the motor option.




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