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Wellington (part deux)

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Ian    0
11 hours ago, taurineman said:

2.4g is legal and very widely used. All good there. Even better we dont have to use special EU LBT firmware ;)

Me, i got a whole range of different things and everything in between really. Some slopers, some hardcore DS ships, some DLG, some bigger F3B and F3J and F5J composites etc. Really too many list without causing embarrassment to myself...

Most of us Welly guys have a small 20" tweety wing called a WeeBee which i have made most of them which are hilarious to fly and easy to make. I might get around to making another one soon - which you could have for material cost if you like?



I had to get rid of some models before we came over here- I didn't realise what I had until I got to the back of the workshop!


a 20" model sounds good fun, thank you!  Tempting to see if it flys on the Kilbernie sea front:-)



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jonoashton    16

right now, the forecast looks pretty dam good for the weekend. Is anyone keen for Ngaio ?? Sunday and labour day look the best. It does not look record breaking but it would be good to get some speed happening for a change !! 

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