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Wellington (part deux)

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The day started out with the wind off angle and low cloud hanging about. We kept checking each hour or so, but no improvements. Until about 12:30 when the cloud was thickening we decided it was a bust. Then no more than 1/2 hour later, it had swung to a better wind angle, and the cloud started to lift. So we hurriedly headed on up Ngaio as we both very desperate to see the PMS 2 fly after all this effort and time.

I started with the Bat, and it was a bit rough but i managed to get it just shy of 180MPH (and agonisingly close to another Bat record). Then Jono had a fly of his Scorcher, and that was one of the most exciting flights ive seen. His scorcher is a whole kilo heavier than my PMS2 and it looked like it was getting thrown around all over the place, so i was really worried that the PMS would fare even worse. So i was thinking maybe not to fly it.

I decided to fly a handful of laps to see how it would handle the rough - and i was pleasantly surprised, so i continued to fly. It flew so good out of the box. Tracking very well, and handling the rough conditions so much better than i thought it would. It was actually fairly easy to fly and hold roughly on line. I tried several different lines, and circuits, and positions etc. Eventually i got 221 out of it a couple of times. I could see the wing bend a little on the harder turns, but it held up to it well. After perhaps about 20mins of DS the battery started to complain - its 2x 14500 LiIon batteries and only 800mAh as thats all that will fit in the skinny fuselage.  My only real complaint about it was the low headroom of the battery capacity, as when i was coming into land with the flaps out the radio was screaming "battery critical" at me constantly (although the settings are a little conservative), but that certainly DOES NOT help when your puckered up trying to land it on a skinny ridgeline.... i think i got it a little too far back and a gust rolled it over too close to the ground and it dorked in splitting the nose and fin. Fixable, but annoying.

On the plus side, it got to taste the darkside and it (and i) loved it. It was a joy to fly, and not at all tip-stallish like it was slow on the front side. I just need a heavier one, and more wind. Also a bigger fuselage mold and a tail mould is in the works (we will get a mold CAD model and milled), so that will make it much easier to get 2x18650s in there and we wont have any battery issues...







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