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Mark G

BBQ - UDS smoker style!

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Well over the last 5-6 months, I have been getting into low and slow smoking on my homemade UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker) smoker...(bless the internet for plans and ideas!)


14 hour low and slow Pork Butt  (shoulder) is my favourite... very forgiving to smoke....Ribs...more pedantic to get right... Smoked chickens...easy and yum...


Me thinks Slopeme is into BBQ's.....  do you smoke Paul?


I'm keen to enter a BBQ comp...(been watching BBQ Pit Masters on TV). Anyone entered a comp before?






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Mark, sorry for my late reply. Laptop has been out of commision for a while, and I forgot to check in here as well.

I've given up my drum smoker because I found it quite difficult to regulate the heat with this design.  So bought a Chinese "Weber" which does everythin the real one does at 1/3 the price...My prefered way of doing pork ribs on the BBQ is to wrap in foil for the first couple of hours then open up but leave the ribs inside for the last half hour or so. For me, this leaves them more moist. But however you do it...just have fun, and a cold beer while you're doing it.


Lately too I've been smoking a few mussels. For this I steam them open first inside, then remove them from the shells and lay them out on a rack. Brush over the marinade, which is usually chilli, garlic,oil, sugar and a few spices and a little vinegar and smoke them for an hour. Fantastic.

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Cheers Paul - sorry too for my delayed reply :( Have been using my smoker almost every weekend...so now have the ribs sorted...yeah I now wrap in foil for a couple of hours.





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Yeah Mark, smoked ribs are hard to beat. The photo looks great! I certainly have not perfected them yet. I recon temp control is a key; the lower the temp and longer the better, I think I've mentioned that I no longer use the homemade drum BBQ as temp control is too hard to manage. And I have found that sometimes frozen ribs are not quite as juicy as fresh ones. BBQ Pit Boys have some great videos don't they? Summer is coming and that means the BBQ will be getting a thrashing.

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