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Soaring in Greece

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made_in_nz    7

Thought I'd drop a line from Greece, we are here for a month and I was able to sneak my alula into the suitcase.  I've been throwing it around a bit and have had a couple of light slope sessions. 

The first on the side of a mountain overlooking the valley of Dodoni, the ancient site of the oracle of Zeus. The theatre is over 2500 years old. The site was good in that respect but the flying was average, not enough west in the wind. Zeus was not on my side that day.

Yesterday I found a good beach on a peninsula near Ignoumenitsa, looking out at Corfu. The breeze was good and I had a good session. 

The wing roots on the alula are quite weak. Both have needed gluing but I brought the white gorilla glue along with a few other things to keep it airborne.


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