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Weldon Int. DS Fest 2019

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Am hoping we can get a good group from around the world to Kernville and Weldon CA, USA for a International DS Fanatic get-together, mid-end April 2019.

With posting this now, it makes no excuses for lack of warning and allows plans to be made in time.

I'm planning to be there for 2-3 weeks at end of Apr./beginning of May 2019, and hiring one of the Sierra Cottages in Kernville, in hope of sharing with others from around the world.

With this much warning, Saving $50 a week will cover the trip PP.  From experience of two previous trips, $3500NZD will cover the trip costs at a minimum (Airfares, Accom, Rental-car).


So any of you NZers able to save $50 a week? Am thinking about doing a free RT30 GS "Weldon 2019 Special Edition" For each NZer who makes the effort to come....

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