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Gliders for sale

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Im selling my:

  • Dynamic D40 - 40" carbon dynamic soaring model. Crazy fast fun on the slope as well. Some damage which has been repaired and doesn't affect it.
  • Carbon Rockbreaker - 48" swept flying wing. made in Aus - good fun on the slope too as well as a good light-moderate air DS ship.
  • Miniblade DS glass - 60" glass single peice Mini-blade. Stellar slope performer. Again, some fully repaired damage, but cosmetically not mint.
  • Spirit 2m thermal woodie - a 2m 2-peice wing balsa/film (woodie) thermal soarer. Has tow hook and take hard launches.

Open to offers. Photos to come.

Selling cause they just collect dust and deserve to be flown, and i want to clear some space in the man-cave.


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